The Design Process (I-P) (AIA & GBCI)

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PDHs. 2.5
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This course package assists engineers to design air-conditioning systems and addresses the difference between analysis and design. It also covers the basic issues for consideration during the design phases of a building project, and describes the factors that influence building design, such as building codes and economic considerations.At the completion of this course package, you will be able to: List the:  Phases of the commissioning process ;Contents of a HVAC&R system program;Sub-phases of the design phase. Explain:  Design intent, design criterion, and design validation; the purpose of the schematic design phase;The role of the HVAC&R engineers during the construction phase;Costs that make for a realistic economic analysis;rentable area and its income potential;Differentiate between analysis and design. State the:  Contents of a building program;Expectations from the HVAC&R designer during the schematic design phase;Purpose of the building commissioning process;Relation between HVAC&R systems and heat gains from lighting and other electrical equipment. Describe: The schematic design stage and list its evaluation requirements;The events that take place in the construction document phase;The post-occupancy services and state its relevance;The different codes and standards that impact HVAC&R design ;The role of computers in HVAC&R design;The economic indicators used to analyze engineering design projects;The significance of the ratio of net rentable space to gross building area;The components of utility tariffs for nonresidential buildings;How the building envelope affects an HVAC&R system and vice versa;Compare construction (first) costs with operating (life-cycle) costs and the influence of centralized air-conditioning system to a non-centralized one;Analyze HVAC&R system performance ;Discuss the significance of structural support for HVAC&R equipment, as well as the impact of fire protection and smoke control requirements on HVAC&R systems ;Recognize the significance of building codes in the design of HVAC&R systems and the significance of the client in the economic analysis of HVAC&R design. This course package is approved by AIA and GBCI and confers 2.5 PDHs. It can be subscribed to independently or as a part of AC Design Course Package. (I-P)


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