Special HVAC Systems(I-P) (AIA & GBCI)

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PDHs. 3.0
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This course covers system issues and configurations that are not necessarily part of the day-to-day design effort for HVAC systems. It explains the rationale for desiccant dehumidification systems and the variations and applications of the desiccant system configurations. The course also covers thermal storage, along with its applications and underlying concepts. Additionally, a case study is presented for the better understanding of the practical application of a thermal storage system. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:  Explain: Humidity control in relation to desiccant dehumidification;Moisture control challenges;Energy- and cost-efficiency of thermal storage and discuss its application considerations;Storage and cooling plant design. Describe: Functioning of cold-coil-related air-conditioning;Workings of desiccant dehumidifiers;Solid desiccants and classify them by Brunauer type;Parallel desiccant systems;Series desiccant systems;Cooling load analysis in terms of thermal storage systems;Factors relevant to the economic feasibility analysis of a thermal storage project;Modifications that have led to energy efficiency in HVAC&R systems;HVAC&R system strategies that support the intents and green design expectations;Identify parallel desiccant applications and list considerations that influence them. State the: Reasons for energy waste;Principal benefits and concerns of series desiccant systems;Series desiccant applications;Discuss: Storage tanks size and location;Controls present in chilled-water storage system;Different ice storage techniques;Define energy efficiency measures adopted for HVAC&R systems. This course is approved by AIA and GBCI. 3.0 PDHs. It can be subscribed to independently or as a part of the AC Design Course Package. (I-P)


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