Multiple Zone Air Systems (SI) (AIA & GBCI)

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PDHs. 2.0
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This course introduces systems to deal with situations where the instantaneous load varies from zone to zone. The simplest example is the cooling load from the sun. East-facing zones have the highest loads in the late afternoon. The systems introduced in the course are called “all-air” systems, as the entire cooling or heating load is addressed by the supply of tempered air to the space. In almost all systems, the quantity of air required to provide cooling and heating is much greater than the outside ventilation air. These systems therefore recirculate air from the zones into the main unit to be mixed with outside air.Upon completion of this course you will be able to: Describe the common ail-air-air-conditioning systems; Discriminate between the advantages and disadvantages for each of the multiple zone air systems; Recognize diagrammatic sketches of common all-air systems. This course is approved by AIA and GBCI. 2.0 PDHs. It can be subscribed to independently, as a part of the HVAC Systems Course Package (SI), or HVAC Design and Operation eLibrary.


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