Load Calculations (I-P) (AIA & GBCI)

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PDHs. 1.5
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This course deals with the calculation of heating and cooling loads. The accurate calculation of these loads provides a sound bridge between building design decisions and an operating building. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Recognize the importance of accurate load calculations;Define the different types of load;State how indoor and outdoor conditions are established;List terms that are commonly used to describe aspects of heating and cooling loads. Explain the: Factors relevant to external load analysis;Estimation of heat gains from occupants, lighting, and equipment;Importance of manual and computerized load calculation procedures;Computer load and energy analysis software;Effects of high altitude on psychrometric charts and performance data;Demonstrate how to include motor heat in cooling load calculations. Describe the: relation between air temperature and velocity pressure, and air temperature and fan energy heat;Effects of duct losses;Manual and computerized load calculation procedures;Outputs from computer load programs and explain how they should be studied;Types of calculations performed by computer programs;Discuss the typical inputs required by computer programs to calculate HVAC loads. This course is approved by AIA and GBCI.  1.5 PDHs. It can be subscribed to independently or as a part of AC Design Course Package.


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